14-15-16 August 2015 @ Ieper, Belgium


    Rotterdam is not only the biggest port in Europe, it's also the place that female fronted hardcore act ALL FOR NTHING calls home. They have been around for about a decade now, released 4 albums and toured all over the world. We are happy to have them joining in on the party.
    Some bands just do not need an introduction. ALL OUT WAR is one of those bands. For almost 20 years they have been hitting the scene hard with their classic metalcore that has crushed many venues. Time to mosh it up the hard way on what will be the band's 3rd Ieperfest performance.
    With their violent mixture of death/black/grind and industrial touches ANAAL NATHRAKH made a name for themselves in the scene. In the 15 years of their existence they managed to release quite a few albums which only seem to become better and better. Their latest output ëDesideratumí being one of the most extreme they have ever released. These guys don't play live that often, so be prepared for something spectacular.
    Swedenís straight edge heroes ANCHOR release their 3rd full length album in 2015. So what better way to support them than to have them play their hearts and souls out on this yearís Ieperfest? That is exactly what we thought!
    Some bands just do not need an introduction. If you do not know BIOHAZARD, where you have been the past 20+ years? These guys have been making a strong comeback following the departure of Evan Seinfeld and keep on doing what they do best: teaching the kids of today all about hardcore and urban discipline.
    BIRDS IN ROW is one of the few French bands that really made an impact on the international scene over the last few years. So more than deserved for this Deathwish Inc. band to play the fest this year. They say they play a mixture of hardcore and blues and who are we to disagree?
    Growing up in dark Northern England, it's no wonder that the guys in BLACK TONGUE started playing a furious blend of metal infused core, or doomcore as they label it themselves. In a short period of time these guys managed to get their name out to a lot of people. Ieperfest decided to give them a chance to show you all why that is.
    With a sound firmly rooted in both metal as well as punk, BLACK TUSK have made many friends over the past few years. Both their albums as well as their impressive live shows are a guarantee to leave people speechless. All hail BLACK TUSK!
    Calling BONECRUSHER just another working class streetpunk/oi band would not do them much justice. They have been around for ages doing their thing on their own terms. Last year they could not make it so here they have the chance to take revenge for that missed opportunity. Donít miss them!
    Another promising Belgian band playing music much inspired by the ¥Church of Ra¥ cultus. Mystique, intense and dark all mixed up to be the soundtrack of sheer oblivion.
  • BRUJERIA (Int)
    When BRUJERIA first hit the scene back in the 90¥s the rumors surrounding them were absurd. They were marketed as being drugdealers from Mexico playing extreme death/grind. The first part was made up, the latter was spot on! Get ready to be grinded to death by this powerhouse. Will Jeff CARCASS and Shane NAPALM DEATH really be in the line-up? Come and see for yourselves!
    Soldados ready? Hailing from London, these LBU hardcore warriors will drop a brand new CD in 2015. What can we expect from these veterans? Hard, hateful music with a vibe that makes you want to punch the person standing next to you. Mosh it up Ieperfest!
    One of the most outspoken and radical bands in the straight-edge hardcore scene back in the 90s. They became even more political over the years and spoke out against the commercialization of hardcore a.o. After a demise of more than 10 years, they are back to spill their message at Ieperfest.
    After having HEAVEN SHALL BURN play Ieperfest last year we thought it was time to get their longtime counterparts CALIBAN back to our stage. The band still plays metalcore although they have progressed a lot over the years. It is always good to have old friends back in Ieper. Can't believe their previous performance was back in 2006. Time flies!
    One of the frontrunners of a genre we could describe as ¥modern death metal¥. Their crushing, intense songs have been known to wreak havoc among their fans during their live performances. A brutal force to be reckoned with, and that is greatly welcomed for their very first Ieperfest performance.
    Started out as a relatively common straight edge hardcore band, CEREMONY has developed a more rocking sound over the years. They did however manage to keep most of their fans on board and we're sure they will win new souls when playing at Ieperfest. They will be back for the 2nd time, 1st performance was 8 years ago already! Just 4 European summer shows. Now on Matador rcs.
    What happens if you combine band members from Flemish top cities Antwerp and Ghent? The answer is: CHEAP DRUGS! Old school styled hardcore punk with a dose of wit and spunk. Bandmembers have paid their dues in many bands before and they surely did not hold back with their new musical endeavours.
    If there is one band that put the ¥chugga chugga¥ into the 90s hardcore for us, it must have been Canadian CHOKEHOLD. It is good to see these fine gentlemen have decided to grace our ears with their songs again, 20 years since their previous appearance at Ieperfest. If 90s hard/metalcore is your thing don¥t miss out on these veterans. Exclusive European reunion show!
    Ieperfest will always support the local scene and this year is no different. CONTROLSTATE are a progressive metalcore band hailing from Ypres who are influenced by bands such as UNEARTH and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. Hopefully they will win a lot of people over with their show.
    Gothenburg straight-edge, hell yeah! So good to see this city that has been the breeding ground of countless amazing death metal bands bring forth an intense sxe hardcore band for a change. There must be something in the water there because the quality is here again!
    Canada might not have the biggest death metal scene of the world but most of them do have a unique sound. CRYPTOPSY is no exception. With masterdrummer Flo Mounier behind the kit the band has managed to ¥shock and awe¥ many. First time ever Ieperfest performance.
    DANGERS hail from Los Angeles and they play a hefty dose of furious hardcore. Their anger and frustration combined with a dose of pissed off music is sure to please many visitors. Featuring members of GHOSTLIMB and GRAF ORLOCK, you know you can't go wrong. Touring Europe with LOMA PRIETA this summer.
    Another great band hailing from the mighty H8000 scene will join our party this year. Founded in 2012, they already impressed many with their ¥Total Depravity¥ demo. Earlier this year they unleashed the furious ¥Nothing Is Sacred¥ album upon the masses. Be prepared to feel a chill running up your spine during their set!
    Aggressive and intense straight-edge band hailing from Sao Paolo, Brazil. Their demo was quite impressive and we have no doubt that their raging tunes will set the stage on Featuring members of I SHOT CYRUS, ®POINTING FINGER (PT) and STILLxSTRONG.
  • DOOM (UK)
    When DOOM just started in the late 80s, they blew every one away with their raw aggression and energy. Having been one of the biggest names in the d-beat/crust/hc/punk scene for years, these guys have not lost a bit of their relevance. They remained true to their ideals and sound, and that is what makes them standout. First ever Ieperfest summer performance.
    After having been on hiatus for some time these fine German gentlemen are back with a bang! There is a new record due and I am sure these guys still know how to bring their own brand of groovy hardcore. Bring your dancing shoes.
    ENRAGE toured Europe last year after they decided to reunite and it seems they got inspired by it. The legendary RPP label from Brussels did a few of their releases way back in the 90¥s and they also released a new ep themselves this year. Quality music by a band that has hardcore running through their veins.
    Make no mistake, although their name has the AD addition, this is the same legendary band that shook the world back in the 90ís with their crushing debut LP ëLeft Hand Pathí. Since then the band has progressed so much, adding numerous influences to their sound without losing any aggression. Tˆdesmetall from the land of Ikea.
    "The Belgian metalscene could use a kick in the ass", so these youngsters must have thought when they founded the band. Their catchy brand of speed/thrash metal has amazed many already and they have been touring steadily all this year. ThÈ Belgian metal hope for years to come!
    Sometimes another legendary band joins our fest and it is simply too hard to find the right words to do them justice. EXTREME NOISE TERROR is such a band. Regarded by many as thÈ godfathers of the grindcore/crust scene they will show us they can still blow us away.
    Post-hardcore with hints of mathrock and screamo from just across the French border in Saint-Jans-Cappel. A sound a lot of the connaisseurs at Ieperfest have loved for many years. Their latest release seems to be a concept album, quite an interesting listen for sure!
    FAMILY OF DOG is another legendary name that returns to the (west) front. These guys were there in the heydays of the H8000 scene and now they return with a smashing new album and an equally smashing performance. The comeback of the year!
    Hailing from Richmond, Virginia this band surprised many with their short outbursts of furious hardcore. As if their lives depended on it these guys abuse their instruments and bring you hardcore as it was meant to be back in the days: short, fast and loud!
    FORÇA MACABRA hail from Finland but their name is Portuguese, as a tribute to the many great bands hailing from Brazil in the 80¥s. Their music is a mix of thrash metal and hardcore, or thrashcore as many label them. Their debut LP was released by Genet about 20 years ago. The temperature is bound to rise during their set!
  • GBH (UK)
    These fine lads from Birmingham have been around for ages and they always stayed true to their roots. They helped defining the punkrock sound of the 80s with a ton of classic albums. You think age matters? These veterans will show you how it is done. First ever Ieperfest performance.
  • GIVE (US)
    When a hardcore (at least that is what they sound like) band defines their own music as ërockí you know you are dealing with a bunch of people with a mind of their own. And I guess that is exactly how we can describe both their attitude and music. GIVE knows no boundaries and they are not afraid to show that to the Ieperfest crowd!
    Formed in back in 1990 (!!) this Dutch blackened death/thrash metal band managed to release 10 albums to date. Having lost no aggression during these years the band dedicated the lyrical content of their latest 2 albums to World War One. The combination of their music and lyrics make this band an amazing soundtrack to be played in Flanders Fields.
    At the time of writing the flu is still spreading like a wildfire and it could be our governments have something to do with it. This Polish band seems to be a perfect cure though: intense and angry hardcore that will surely kill all the germs in your body and make you sweat them out in the pit!
  • GUNS UP (US)
    Over the last few years, many people have asked us if there was a slight chance that hardcore powerhouse GUNS UP would ever play the fest. Guess what? They have decided to do a reunion tour and we decided to get them on board. Stoked? So are we!
  • GUST (SE)
    This Swedish band makes crust-infused hardcore and they do so quite well. In fact they got picked by Southern Lord recordings, that is how well they do their thing. A young and talented band playing a style that has recently seen a rise in popularity again. Don¥t miss them.
    The masters of "deathpunk". Mixing a slew of influences to their own darkened brand of music gives them a certain edge. Aggression, depression, frustration and a certain ëendzeití element are all fused together into a hellish sound that will pull a few dark clouds together above Ieperfest.
    If MUNICIPAL WASTE and TOXIC HOLOCAUST would have a musical bastard baby together there is a good chance that it would sound like INSANITY ALERT. These Austrians know how to get a party going and are not afraid to show it.
  • JUDGE (US)
    So glad this legendary New York hardcore band is 'bringing it down' to Ieperfest this year. What are they bringing down? 'The Storm'? Well, of course! What other band than the mighty JUDGE can blow any potential stormcloud a million miles away with their very first Ieperfest appearance?
  • KDC (PR)
    Did we ever have a band from Puerto Rico playing at Ieperfest? No? Well there is a first time for everything! Playing avantgarde hardcore, as they state themselves, this band is sure to surprise a lot of people. We never heard of them before and now we cannot stop listening to them.
    For over 20 years this Gainesville Rock City quintet has been touring and releasing records. Their musical mix of ska, punk and a tad of metal has made them loved by many. We at Ieperfest thought it was time to show our respect towards this powerhouse still going strong and added them to our line up for this year.
    In 2008 a few people in New Jersey decided to join forces after their old bands split up and LIFELESS was born. Since then they have been making quite the name for themselves with great records and amazing live shows. With a new album under their belt, they will wreck our necks during their set! Fans of MERAUDER and ALL OUT WAR will dig this!
    Originating from California, a state that has brought forth numerous legendary bands, this band manages to create their own aggressive brand of HARDcore. LIONHEART know how to hit the hammer and crushed many stages on the "Taste Of Anarchy" tour in spring this year. Wicked shit!
    LOMA PRIETA hail from the Bay Area scene in San Francisco but unlike many bands there they do not play thrash metal but hardcore! Since their inception in 2005 they have managed to create a sound of their own. Happy to have them at Ieperfest for a second performance!
    After the amazing PARKWAY DRIVE we have another highly talented Australian band in the early stages of their career at Ieperfest. MTS will show that their metal infused sound is the soundtrack for the future. Many have grown to love them already and we have no doubt many more will follow.
    Founded back in the mid 80's in New York City, MAXIMUM PENALTY are one of the older NYHC bands out there. Labelling them 'just NYHC' would not do them justice. The band mixes highly emotional parts and vocals with classic NYHC and manages to find a sound of their own which they perfected on several albums. Almost 30 years after their inception, they will hit the Ieperfest stage for the second time, showing they are still relevant to today's hardcore scene.
    Sweden is a country that houses at least one great band in every street. MONOLORD are just another proof that there must be something in the water that inspires musicians to greatness. Their doomy, sludgy sound has a lot of character and is bound to appease many of you.
    MÖRSER have been around for many years now, and blew away people at any previous edition of this fest. Their previous performance dates back to 2008 already. Since they are still alive and kicking, and are even releasing a brand new album, it was only obvious to ask them back. Get ready to be blown away Bremen-style anno 2015, folks!
    It can¥t be a ¥shokka¥ that we asked NASTY to be a part of this year's Ieperfest. The band has been going strong for a decade now and has grown to be one of the, if not thÈ, biggest hardcore/beatdown bands in Europe. Still outspoken, still dedicated and still hard as nails. Mosh it up big time!
    Some people might recognize NATHAN GRAY as being the singer of the amazing BOYSETSFIRE. He recently released his solo debut EP and his appearance at this year's fest will be a great introduction to a different musical side of a scene icon.
    Surely one of the bands that entered the worldwide scene with a bang a few years ago. Now they are back with a new album and it will not disappoint any of you. Going to see them live is an experience on its own.
    Nick Oliveri, formerly known of Ö (insert quite a few impressive bandnames here) is back to join our party in order to present his acoustic solo record to us. It is something different but it surely can¥t be bad since this man lives, breathes and probably shits quality music.
    This Ghent based band has toured the world extensively and released a few albums that caused quite a stir. Playing an exclusive Belgian show at Ieperfest this summer, they are bound to win over more than a few souls.
    Another Canadian band joining in on the fun and not the least if we may say so. Obey The Brave have been touring non stop for quite some time now and have proven to be a worthy candidate to be on the Ieperfest stage. Their mix of metal and hardcore will appeal to many of you. Featuring former members of DESPISED ICON, in case any one cares.
    If you had to mention one band defining Scottish anarcho-punk, there is a fair chance OI POLLOI would be the first name to pop up in your head. Still doing what they do best since all these years, we simply had to give them a chance to party with all of us and spread their message of rocking hard against the system.
    Of the many bands around having the name PENTAGRAM, there is only one who can actually claim to be ëthÈí PENTAGRAM. These American doomsters have been around for at least four decades (!) and are an acquired musical taste for many. We are so stoked to have them at Ieperfest for the 1st time. Be forewarned and donít miss out on this!
    Last year they couldn¥t make it to Ieperfest but this year they are destined to be there. Having been around for ages, the band have proven to be a force to be reckoned with many times before. Pick up a limited color record while they are there... and be a pretentious asshole!
    Hailing from Tasmania in Australia these guys play a technical brand of aggressive death metal. Their albums have been praised for their high quality and their liveshows are an experience on their own. Be there when they play or you will miss something special.
    Brasil has always had a productive and thriving hardcore/punk scene. QUESTIONS emerged in Sao Paolo back in 2000, winning soul after soul with their highly energetic and enthusiastic hardcore gigs. Joining the Ieperfest party for the second time.
    They have been called ¥one of the hardest working bands in metal¥ and that is not a surprise at all. Mixing old school metal with hardcore, d-beat and rock ¥n roll these guys have been able to knock out a few records and touring their asses off. Get ready for circle-pits, stagedives and massive pile ons.
    It is not often that a band can say they have been around for 35 years (including intervals) but Finnish RATTUS can. Even more remarkable is that this excellent hardcore/punk band has never played in Belgium before. We felt that we had to change that. Be prepared for total Finpunk madness, folks!
    Aliencore? That must have been one of the most remarkable descriptions ever by a band labelling themselves. Death metal might also be a correct term though. I wonder if we will all end up in the RINGS OF SATURN once they hit the stage at Ieperfest!
  • RISK IT (DE)
    This Dresden band has been one of the rising stars of the German hardcore scene since a few years. Touring non-stop and kicking out good releases they have proven themselves to be a worthy addition to this year's Ieperfest line up. They are a perfect example of how hard work pays off for a band. Kids take notice!
    "11 years, 900 shows in 22 countries, 9 records. No lineup changes. No van." Now that is a cool way to describe your band. These gentlemen also play quite a decent mix of metal, hardcore and noise and they do it quite well. Happy to have them at Ieperfest for the very first time.
    Upon seeing the band's name for the first time we had no doubt that these guys were straight-edge. The musical variety they prefer is the vegan edge metal sound which we all love ever since ARKANGEL and DAY OF SUFFERING unleashed their tunes upon this world. And guess what? xREPENTANCEx do succeeded in matching their legendary musical influences.
    One of thÈ iconic and legendary skate-punk bands that Sweden has brought forth since back in the 90s. They have been on a little break but they seem to be back to kick ass again. Be the hero of our time and skate to hell with these legends or just keep out of their pit.
    The bastard offspring of Liza sure know how to play a decent dose of hardcore punk. Being a half German, half American band these guys bring back a sound that reminds of the bands from California that were around in the 80s. 100% no shit guarantee.
    These New York veterans embody what a hardcore band should do to stay relevant for 30 years. Non stop touring, releasing great albums and most of all just showing sheer class all the time. All in all enough to make SICK OF IT ALL the perfect headliner for Ieperfest.
    Young H8000 heroes that came to be after GOLDEN BULLET called it a day. Their mixture of metal and hardcore is what you might expect from a H8000 band: intense, dark and hard. Go and check them before they become huge so you can say you saw them in their early days. Yeah!
    Whoever says the words ¥Boston¥ and ¥hardcore¥ in one sentence, should immediately have the name SLAPSHOT come to mind. Founded back in 1985, this band has been an established name in the hardcore scene for ages. Both their albums as well as their shows are top of the bill. Olde Tyme Hardcore for life!! Never had 'em at Ieperfest before, so stoked to finally have them here!
    Hailing from Pennsylvania, STEEL NATION claim to play a musical mixture of Cleveland and New York hardcore. We can add that they do it so very well and sound a tad more original than you might expect. Their new album ¥The Harder They Fall¥ is one of the best releases of 2015.
    Steve Ignorant owns his reputation from being the frontman of the legendary band CRASS. Being a man who does not want to keep rehashing the same old tunes Steve joined forces with another band and keeps his eyes firm on the future of this rotten world.
    The Orange County masters of heavy hardcore full of melodic twists have been around for 12 years now. They still have the fresh energy of a band that started only a few months ago. Bringing us a bunch of quality releases and never a dull show, it is a pleasure for us to welcome them back to Ieperfest.
  • TRIAL (US)
    How many legendary bands can you add to a bill? Never enough probably since we succeeded in adding the amazing TRIAL to this year's line up. If you do not know this band I suggest you give them a listen right now! Fronted by one of the most inspiring singers of the scene, the ever talkative Greg Bennick.
    Chicago currently spews forth more hardcore bands than ever before but beware, this city is also home to TROUBLE. The doom/psychedelic metal band that has been going since 1979. Although they have switched singers a few years ago their class remained and the band has become even better! Go and get yourself into TROUBLE this coming summer!
    When they played our fest a few years ago the band was a rising star in the international hardcore scene. Nowadays they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. We remember seeing the Marquee stage turning into one big party and we surely hope to see that happen again.
    Incredible, but true: Michigan's WALLS OF JERICHO never played Ieperfest before. We are really happy to finally add these metalcore heroes to this year's bill. No doubt the band will show us all that hardcore is not just boys fun!
    WAR ON WOMEN might seem an odd name considering three of the five band members are female but the band has a message for us that will surely open some eyes (hopefully). Their hardcore punk music is combined with meaningful and insightful lyrics, an element that is crucial to this scene.
    Another legendary band hitting the Ieperfest stage. We have a fondness for sharks and beer and this band managed to fulfill both our needs with their two legendary albums back in the 80s. Classic crossover that will rip you a new one. First ever Ieperfest performance.
    WHATEVER IT TAKES will celebrate their tenth year of existence at Ieperfest. Coinciding with this they will release their new album at the fest to add to the partyvibe. Everyone is invited to party along and dance to their brutal beats and harsh riffs. Hurray!!