IEPER HARDCORE FESTwinter edition #7

Saturday 14 February 2015 @ Joc Ieper, Belgium

Hardcore, More Than Music!

…Animal, earth and human liberation will only come through education… (Chokehold)

The MoreThanMusic part takes place at JOC ‘t Perron / the café with free entrance for everyone from 13h.! Delicious vegan food, vegan chocolate, snacks, energy bars,… will also be available there and then. Go check it out y’all! You’re welcome!


Despite what you may think, hardcore is more than just music! The MoreThanMusic space is a free space for free thinking and discussion, for debate and creativity in changing our world for the better and for Non-Governmental Organisations & Action Groups to present themselves. Where music on stage fails to bring the message across, we try to fill the void and we always put together a series of non-musical activities, making people think, talk and act in a positive way. Check it out from time to time, feed your head, feel free to discuss… You’re in for some leftist shit! Enjoy!

MTMcinema from 13h.

Ranging from animal and human rights films to documentary films about ecology, social movements, action groups and even some rare footage of underground gigs from all over the world, this might turn out to be quite the cinematic experience – hence MTMcinema.

Live interviews

If things work out, we’d like to welcome Your Highness and Strife on the MoreThanMusic stage (among others) to talk about the stuff they’re involved in.

Winter Bookfair / NGO-stands

We believe that animal, earth and human liberation will only come through education, so Independent editors and distributors, Zines, NGO's and Action groups from around the world are more than welcome to set up a stand in the MTM space. We also invite NGO’s and Action Groups to mount the stage and to educate the masses.

You might want to check out the following stands:
(if they make it to the festival – otherwise: check out the links!)

And just to have an idea on what MoreThanMusic is all about:

Feel free to come and talk to us or to contact us if you have (more) ideas on how to make hardcore punk again: your thoughts, presentations, documentaries,… are welcome!